Things You Need to Know About the Fresh Coffee Beans

In this modern era, it is trending now to go to the supermarkets and look for freshly roasted coffee beans, but you might not be aware that the coffee beans sitting on the shelves of supermarkets are not always fresh and maybe resting there for so long. These may also be of poor quality or maybe roasted poorly.

The coffee industry dedicated to coffee variety only has been emerging for the last few years and providing ease for those who are looking to buy freshly roasted coffee beans online. This is an improvement to the coffee industry to ensure that you are getting fresh coffee beans.

Here we are going to cover the most important things you need to know about fresh coffee beans and their storage.

Look for the date given on the packaging

Have you ever observed the date given on the packet before buying coffee? There is a packaging date or use by date or a date when the coffee beans were roasted. In Australia, labeling is relatively relaxed because coffee is not considered a priority foodstuff. And due to this coffee suppliers are free to mark any date on the packing – use by date or packaging date or roasted on date.

Now the thing is – which one is the most important date? And it is “roasted on” date. Coffee beans are usable for a long time after roasting if they are stored properly.

Lifespan of coffee beans after roasting

In general, freshness is a needed trait in coffee beans. Knowing the “roasted on” date of coffee beans packaging is extremely helpful when you want to make a coffee with an amazing taste. Though, it is not an absolute that fresh coffee beans are a vital element of the best coffee brewing. And the reason to explain this is degassing. Carbon dioxide present in coffee beans acts as a preservative for coffee. Over time, carbon dioxide leaves the coffee beans which is known as degassing. So, the main thing is whether the amount of carbon dioxide has been balanced in the coffee beans during extraction or not.

Storage of coffee beans

When you buy freshly roasted coffee beans, to keep their freshness alive for longer, store your fresh coffee beans properly and grind them only when you need.  The freshness is highly impacted by light, heat, temperature fluctuations, and especially exposure to moisture and air. So, store the coffee beans in a way that they remain away from these elements. Short-term storage is easy but when you need to store these for longer, extra care is required.

For short-term storage cupboards and pantries may be the good option but for long-term storage, the good option for storage is the freezer. You need to keep below points in mind while storing coffee:

  • Keep the container lid airtight
  • Keep the coffee in cupboard or pantries that you want to use and store the rest in freezer to avoid opening lid again and again
  • While using the coffee beans from freezer storage, thaw them and wait to get them back to room temperature before grinding

We hope we have added useful information to your knowledge in this blog. If you are looking for freshly roasted coffee beans online, you can reach us today and buy the best per your needs.

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